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Craftmanship & Production


Out story takes us back to the moment when our grandfather died and made us the owners of his small atelier in the heart of Transilvania. Although we were passionate about fashion and design we did not expect to be running a business after working in IT web design.

We started with small orders of bespoke creations for our neighbours, family and friends, who encouraged us to continue.

As we continue to explore, we value our clients feedback and keep the work with confidence, keeping our feet on the ground , and staying fair and humble.

We care about the way our products are manufactured, the people who work with us and share our vision are our partners.

As we start to grow we found that our small atelier is not enough to satisfy the big demand and we expand our manufacturing area in other country in Europe, following same standards our customers are used to.

We hope that every customer will have a fulfilling experience wearing our shoes and we assure that  our work will continue providing same premium products .