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What Colour Shoes will suit when worn with Black Trousers?

What Colour Shoes will suit when worn with Black Trousers?

A great-looking pair of handmade shoes can serve as the perfect finishing touch to a smart new look.  If you’ve ever agonised over which shoes to wear with your smart black trousers, don’t worry. This article aims to help you solve that dilemma, whatever your style. You can keep things simple with a pair of classic leather brogue shoes. However, if you’re after a more quirky take on a more traditional look, you’re in the perfect place to discover how to match your outfits and shoes to suit any occasion.

Classic Leather Shoes

When you’re wearing a suit with black trousers you can match it with a quality pair of handmade leather brogues to add shine and sophistication to your look. Matte brogues will also complement your style. If you are searching for a more casual look with formal shoes it may be a good idea to keep things streamlined and crisp looking, perhaps with skinny jeans if you want to wear black formal shoes.  If your leg-wear is black or even navy, it may be wise to keep your shoes black. If though, you plan on donning a lighter pair of jeans you could try a pair of brown shoes. This will keep your look understated and may be more comfortable than wearing a full suit. However, it’s generally a good idea to stick with black footwear when you are clad in a business suit.

Different Colour Shoes: When to Wear Them

In the UK in particular, black shoes are often associated with business people. This means brown and tan shoes becoming steadily more popular. There are a wide variety of shades available too. So when brown or black are shoes a good style choice?  Here’s a simple guide to help you pair the best colour hand-made shoes with different types and colours of legwear or outfit.

Remember, if in doubt just take a look in the mirror.  

Charcoal Grey- Black shoes are probably best, but darker brown shoes can work well, though not usually tan shoes.

Light Grey- Black works best here too though cherry, burgundy or dark brown shoes would also look fantastic.

Navy- Tan shoes can look very debonair, but black shoes offer an ideal look if you’re going for a touch of classic style.  

Lighter Shades of Navy- Black shoes are likely to look better than brown but your choice will ultimately depend on the type of cloth your ensemble is made of. However, if you’re wearing pinstripes, always go for black.

Brown- Its best to pair brown trousers with brown shoes and avoid black completely. A rule of thumb for matching brown shoes with brown suits is to wear shoes that are one shade darker than your suit colour. Brown shoes also typically work well with denim as well.

White- If you’re sporting a white or off-white outfit two-toned shoes may be just the thing. Perhaps choose a reddish brown pair.  

Black Casual Outfits- You may want to go for something quirky and stylish like electric green loafers incorporating black at the toe and heel. You could also wear two-toned shoes with black trousers or jeans for a super sharp and unique look that’s sure to make you feel good.


Whether you choose to follow the traditional path and don some beautiful classy hand-made shoes with black trousers  or you decide on an edgy, sophisticated new look with two-toned leather shoes to add the finishing look to your outfit, we hope this article has given you the knowledge you need in order to dress to impress. We hope the tips on how mix and match shoes with different dress styles with ease and confidence. We hope that you’ll always know what to look for and be able to dress perfectly to suit any occasion. You’ll never fail to look great.