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How to take care of your shoes

How to take care of your shoes

How to take care of your shoes

Have you been wondering why your shoes do not have the look you’ve always admired on some of your friends? Though you bought the shoe with a fortune. How you’ve been taking good care of your shoes is a major factor of how beautify and durable they will be after wearing the shoes one or two times.

Taking care of our shoes is the least thing we could give our mind to, yet we may prefer to take care of our body, clothes, and other accessories for our outfit. How you take care of your shoes goes a long way in how you will appear when you put them on.

Most people think that to take care of their shoes will cost them a lot of time and effort so they prefer to use the pair of shoes anyhow until the shoes become unwearable and they have to spend some dollars which could be used for something else in purchasing another pair of shoes.

In this article, I will show you simple leather shoe care ideas you can use in taking proper care of your shoes just after you put them off. The steps does not take time and with little or no effort, then and it will be ok for another ‘go’ anytime you are ready.

6 easy tips to take care of your leather shoes just before you put them in your closet


To keep your shoes in a good shape and to make it last longer, you must avoid it from getting wet. If at any time your shoes get wet then, you should stuff it with dry unused newspaper. The newspaper will absorb the water and then you can dry it outside in fresh air or under sunlight. Do not expose your shoes to a radiator or hairdryer, it can damage the leather.

Tip 2

Always put in a cedar shoe tree in each pair of your shoe just after you pull it off before you keep it in the closet. It will help to absorb moisture and maintain its shape.

Tip 3

If you are concerned about your shoes bringing out unpleasant odor whenever you pull them off, try to always wear a nylon or a silk socks and not a cotton socks. Air your shoe when you pull them off.

Tip 4

Whenever your shoes get dirty, you don’t have to wait till the next time you will put them on, clean them immediately you pull off the shoe. Brush off the dirt with a horse hair brush

If you have a stain, make a mixture of a cup of water and a teaspoon of vinegar then dip in a cotton wool and use it to wipe out the stains and air dry

Tip 5

To make your shoe retain its color and lucre, apply an appropriate shoes polish color. Make sure you wipe off the stains before applying the polish, remove excessive polish and then air the shoes before you put it back into the closet.

Tip 6

The sole of your omnisshoes can be replaced anytime it starts to wear. Make sure that you do this before the sole wears to the core membrane where it cannot be fixed.